Credit Repair Help
We can help remove late payments, also can remove:

   * Bankruptcies
   * Charged off credit cards
   * Judgements
   * Repossessions
   * Foreclosures
   * Collection accounts
   * Medical collections

According to Fair Isaac Co., the Credit Score only attributes 35% to Credit History. The other 65% of the Score is determined by what you do “today and tomorrow". You control your own “Credit Destiny"! As time goes by, your past “Credit Misdeeds”, count less and less against your credit score.

We can help take this burden off your hands by having our experts do the work for you so that one day we can help you find your dream home and/or help you qualify for a FHA, USDA or conventional home mortgage
Credit Improvement Assistance

Our unique and comprehensive program offers so much more than removing negative, erroneous or duplicate information on the credit report. More importantly, we focus on building new types of credit and helping build a score that will ultimately look favorable to a mortgage lender.

Our unique and comprehensive program brings it all together, connecting these 3 vital areas:

1. Clean up the Mess - Dispute and remove as much negative information as possible.

  2. Build New Credit - Help our members reestablish and build new, clean, and positive credit quickly.

  3. Build Your Score - Focus on improving debt ratios and using more techniques to build your score.

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